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W2 AR Glass

W2 AR Glass will bring you the best private mobile cinema. With huge virtual screen, it gives you shocking experience of virtual cinema together with your smart phone. Surrounding vision provides comfortable and immersive experience, and the characters seems to be suspended in the air.

To bring you better experience, we keep improving it constantly. Now you won’t feel boring at the weekend, you may enjoy a big private cinema just at home.

Operating System: Android 4.3

Resolution: 480*240

USB interface: High speed USB2.0

Wifi Connection: Built-in Wifi 802.11b/g

Bluetooth: Built-in Bluetooth

Camera: 5.0 Mega pixel

CPU Frequency: 1.2GHZ

Audio Output: Hi-fi headphone

System Memory: 512M

Built-in Capacity: 4GB

Enjoy Exclusive 3D IMAX Cinema In Private

• 3D display, anytime, anywhere, 3D with you, no need to go to the cinema

• Can adjust the luminance and contrast

• Advanced microdisplays technology, environmental friendly, no radiation and no harm to your eyes

• Advanced optical design, safe and comfortable

• Big screen simulation, superb quality video image and audio effect

• Completely private viewing experience