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F7X Goggle User Guides

In this tutorial, we do some simple operations to help you get started with TOPSKY F7X V2 FPV Goggle. For new users, the quick start instructions in this video are recommended.

F7X FPV Goggle

It has two 0.5-inch screens, the FOV is 42°, virtual distance is 1.5m. Just like a 160-inch LCD display.

Yes, it is. Modular 40CH 5.8 GHz receiver, allowing you to use Fatshark modules and not forcing you to use what comes with the goggles.

Minimum voltage: 7.4v; Maximum voltage: 8.4v; Not support 4S 16V.

No, it is special designed for FPV drones, there’s no built-in media player.

The maximum resolution is 1280 x 720, currently it supports 720P (25/30FPS), and it will support 60FPS via software upgrading.

Yes, you can download the update packs from our website, we’ll provide regular updates to improve the user experience.