More Details on TOPSKY F7X V2 FPV Goggles

TOPSKY’s F7X v2 goggles are officially live as of this week. To recap, the first batch of F7X Goggles failed, but we didn’t give up. We really appreciate the advice and thoughts of every reviewer and customer, and thanks for giving us a chance to improve it. After 2 months’ efforts, we finally release the F7X v2 FPV goggle.

Recently, we got some questions from our customers below:

f7x v2 goggle updates

Okay, it’s time to announce the new goggles, the product updates include:

DVR problems:

  • Fixed the blue line on the left side
  • Fixed the cropping issue in the image
  • Resolved the slow playback issue
  • Resolved the flashing issue in the image
  • Improved the rainbow color in the image
  • Kept the recorded videos intact

Added breakpoint memory:

  • Now you can save your settings after reboot, and save the channel you like.

The mode switch:

  • Fixed that there was no voice when switching AV-2D/3D or HDMI-2D/3D

The 5.8Ghz receiving signal:

  • Optimized that there was no voice in the recorded videos(Note: No voice in the DVR process.)

The camera compatibility:

  • Now it’s more compatible with the NTSC and PAL cameras

Added the diversity modules:

  • One is RJX diversity receive module with the OLED display, it can be inserted fully into the module bay, but you cannot use the black cover. However, the module will be covered with the silicone case.
  • Another is the diversity receive module without the display, it can be inserted fully into the module bay, and you can use the black cover.

Improved the live FPV feed:

  • added the seals ring around the screen, to fix the dirt point;
  • added the backlight board and polarizer, to fix the reflection and optimize the ghosting issue.

Fixed light leaking issue:

  • Optimized the internal structure design and plastic cover;

Fan problems:

  • reduced noise of the fan;
  • fixed that the strong power of the fan caused dry eyes.

Added the faceplate:

  • Now you can stick the foam faceplate with the silicone faceplate, and the silicone won’t easily fall off.

So, if you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us anytime. In celebration of Christmas & New Year, we’ll launch the Special Christmas offer soon. We’d love to hear from you, and stay tuned for further exciting news!