F7X FPV Goggle launched at HKEF 2017

F7X FPV Goggles Launched at HKEF 2017

TOPSKY launched F7X FPV Goggles at Hongkong Autumn Electronics Fair on Oct. 13-16th, 2017. To highlight the product features and focus on related services with core products, we carefully set up the booth with terrace show.

As well known, FPV(First Person View) is a unique addictive and almost surreal flying experience! After years of hardworking, we finally made the F7X FPV Goggle, now you can fly from a pilot’s perspective! In this exhibition, we introduced 11 smart glasses such as FPV Goggles, AR glasses and video glasses, especially F7X FPV Goggle. Now you can check more details about F7X FPV Goggle below.


  • Screen FOV: 42° an impressively high field of view, which will leave you with an immersive flying experience equivalent to viewing on an 80″ screen.
  • Screen resolution: 1280 x 720 – real 720P which also supports HDMI input. Finally, some goggles with a native resolution for HD FPV feeds and PC simulator practice.
  • 16:9 and 4:3 viewing options
  • Receiver: modular 40CH 5.8 GHz receiver, allowing you to use Fatshark modules and not forcing you to use what comes with the goggles.
  • Battery: Supports 7-18V (any 2-4S) via barrel connector
  • Interpupillary Distance (IPD) adjustment
  • Built-in DVR with micro SD port – record your FPV video
  • Soft silicone eyecup/faceplate designed to fit your face and stop any external light leaking in.
  • Fan with switch for control, to keep your vision free of condensation.
  • Infrared sensor to detect whether the goggles are in use or not. Allows the goggles to automatically switch off when not in use, extending battery life and flying time.
  • HDMI input
  • AV input
  • Auto scan – one key press to tune into the strongest signal
  • Accepts diopter lenses
  • Head tracker module bay

Exhibition Showcase

On the exhibition, this new F7X FPV Goggle attracted many visitors. We set the Product Experience Zone so that the consumers could be able to experience the FPV flying. It was very glad to see lots of visitors come for us, asking for product specification, many of them would like to cooperate with us. More pleasingly still, some visitors proposed the improvement suggestions based on user experience and function design, this is very important for us to improve and upgrade the product.

Some developers hoped to cooperate with us in doing software development. As a matter of fact, opening up a developer platform is the common desire of both developers and us. We’d like to have more applications in smart glasses, and build the AR community and provide a useful information service for all users.

We believe that the smart glass market enters the rapid growth phase in the next couple of months. There will be more opportunities and challenges in FPV Goggles, F7X is just the beginning, we’ll put more resources into developing the second generation of FPV Goggle. Our goal is to pursue high-quality products, perfect service, and competitive price, you may also like to know Topsky Big Events. We’re ready to go!