In 2000, when various home cinema brands were involved in the fierce competition, a portable virtual personal theater appears in the foreign market. This landmark new product immediately become new pet among the ones who chase trendy and high-quality entertainment life. This kind of personal mobile cinema became increasingly popular audio-visual device in western developed countries. It consists of glass-shaped audio-visual device and a portable DVD player, becoming a perfect personal cinema system.The whole system is small in size, light in weight, low power consumption easy to carry, highly personalized and telepresence. The glass-shaped audio-visual device is a high-performance microdisplay platform, consisting of a micro color LCD display module, optical image processing system,circuit-control system and all kinds of mechanical parts. Through unique optical principle effect, the viewer can feel 50 inches color display screen at 2 meters virtual distance in front, it’s like being in a super widescreen home cinema atmosphere.

In order to satisfy increasingly vigorous virtual theater market demands, in 2009, TOPSKY was established. After 2 years of development, TOPSKY released new Video Glasses with virtual theater entertainment function, and lead Video Glasses into new digital era.


TOPSKY has become a provider of AR/VR/FPV smart glasses, smart sports equipment products, and overall plan solutions since 2009. We provided customers from 100 countries with high-quality personalized solutions and technology products. With strong R & D team carrying out researches in appearance, structure, hardware, optics, driver software, application software, algorithm, etc., TOPSKY has advanced production equipment and impeccable ISO9001 production management system, and all products are certified by CE, FCC, Rosh, kkc, etc. Your dream will be achieved in TOPSKY!

With strong R & D ability, all products are developed from a new start in TOPSKY. There are many R&D engineers with more than 10 years of experience in the development of intelligent hardware in our team, and also complete R & D process and control, so a lot many tests will be done in the research and development stage of each product and then put into official production. Topsky is good at innovation, and can often help customers with designing some very different products. High-cost performance and comfortable product experience have been the goals of our team, including R & D, appearance, structure, hardware, drivers, UI, app, optics, etc…

The high-quality product of TOPSKY comes from the strict production management system, that is ISO9001 quality management system. With high-performance production lines, over 10,000-grade dust-free workshop, optical imaging debugging workshop, high precision micro screen assembly workshop, advanced testing equipment and testing equipment, each product in the factory should be tested for many times, and our goal is the NPL ratio of 0.


Today, TOPSKY has strengthened research and improvement, and added new entertainment elements to our smart glasses, such as supporting MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC music play, support PLAUFX sound, high speed USB2.0 linking with computer, built-in 2 GB memory, external TF card, maximum support 32 GB, battery lasts 4-5 hours, outstanding sound quality, listen music while watch the ebook, pictures, enjoying 72-inch 16:9 large screen (at two meters virtual distance), bring brand-new visual experience. Greatly satisfy trendy lovers’ fashion taste: pursuit fashion life, enjoy new experience brought by digital world.